It is located at the point where Marmaris and Mugla joins together and the Gökova gulf is finished. It is between the Gokova Plain and the Gokova Gulf. It is connected to the town of Ula. You can relax by stopping on the ramps from Marmaris to the right and watching Akyaka scenery. The most important feature that separates Akyaka from other places is the intersection of sea water with sodium hydroxide from the mountains.

The water is so clear that you can easily see beautiful fish in the sea. In Akyaka you can make a tour of River Branch through motor boats on the green water. However, it is forbidden to swim in the water here because the it is extremely cold. The tour takes about 1 hour.

Those who want to swim can go to the beach on the coast. The sea is very shallow. You can rent sunbeds on the beach for a fee. Another coastal part of Akyaka can be reached when you cross the bridge over the river branch.

In the center of Akyaka, walking down the trees of Eucalyptus will impress you with the beauty of the houses with wooden balconies. Those who want to do paragliding in Akyaka may go to Sakar hill.


Çınar Beach : Çınar Beach, located 3 km from the center and it is covered with stones. This is the point where the river water is poured into the sea. There are places in Çınar Beach where you can eat and drink.

Cape: This area is on the outskirts of the sea and the water is deep. You should pay attention to the waves because it is the cape of the coast.

Bungalow Houses Front: There are bungalow houses that can be rented in the forest camping area. You can stay here and enjoy the sea if you like.

Albay Bay: This bay, which can be reached by descending from the stairs, has a cool and deep water.

72: Inside the Gökova A type Recreational Area, it is a place where you can go into the sea. The sea, which is reached by going down from the stairs, in the place where the sea suddenly deepens.


Akbuk is 56 km away from Marmaris. After passing Akyaka you will go through a narrow winding road. Along the way you will be accompanied by forest and sea view. But you have to be careful on the road, it's a difficult road. The sea of Akbuk bay between the mountains is with small pebbles and clean. You will love the turquoise sea very much.

There are a few cafes and markets on the beach. There are bungalow houses that you can stay. Sunbeds are available. But behind it there is a soil road where cars pass. The beauty of the sea is closing this gap even the cars are just passing through here.

The sea is quiet at every season. There is a small place where the lake waters accumulate, you can see here the ducks. If you want to stay in a quiet, natural place away from congestion, you can choose here.


It is 28 km away from Marmaris and located at the Muğla-Dalaman distinction. Akçapınar is famous for its Eucalyptus surrounded road and for its toast. Many local and foreign tourists come here to enjoy the taste of toast. Along the way, there are long eucalyptus trees lined up in left and right order. It is an ideal place for cycling. You can make a great ride among the trees. There is a perfect view in the fall which you can choose for your photo shoots.


You can click on the directions for where to stop by when you are coming from Marmaris to Ula and the locations where you may need.


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