When you come to Fethiye, you must first see bars street, bazaar and bustling beach. There are beaches, water sports, Turkey's best paragliding. Ölüdeniz is the most tourist attracting region of the province. The center is 15 km away. Ölüdeniz, with its narrow throat, is in the form of a still lake. If you want excitement in the deep blue sky, you can jump with parachute to Ölüdeniz.

One of Fethiye's popular beach is Çalış Beach. It is 5 km away from city Centre. On the beach of Calıs, you can find the hotel and restaurants based on your wishes. Beach access is free and you will be charged for your needs like sunbeds and showers. The beach is 10-15 minutes by public transport from the center. For windsurfers, the beach is very convenient. Calis beach is very active in the night life besides its beautiful sea.

Hisarönü is located just before coming to Oludeniz. All-inclusive hotels are available for you. There are many possibilities within the apartments as well. Night life is very active. You can choose from a variety of bars and night clubs to have fun. There are many stores where you can go shopping.

You can also enjoy your holiday in Aksazlar, Kuleli, Samanlik, which are located approximately 4 km away from Fethiye center. You can find camping facilities in the Günlük bay, where the blue and green are intertwined and its name come from the daily trees in that location. Katrancı bay, which is another natural wonder, is 16 km away from Fethiye center. This camping area is a great place for those who want to escape from the city crowd.


It is located between Fethiye and Ortaca. You can join island tours with boats that depart from Göcek center. You can cool off in the crystal clear waters. You will admire the pine forests and the blue sea. There are four marinas in the city center. Many local and foreign tourists are attracted to this place.

The hotel and apartments are quite varied. There are a variety of accommodation options to suit your specifications. With intimate and warm surroundings, you can eat dinner at many different restaurants with rich menus.

Butterfly Valley Fethiye


It is surrounded by rocky walls that reach 350 meters in the borders of Oludeniz city. In Butterfly Valley, there is a waterfall spilling from 50 meters high and it has more than 80 butterfly species. It has a white, soft beach. The Valley of Butterflies is stated by the World Heritage Foundation on the outskirts of Babadağ as one of the 100 mountains that requires immediate precaution to be protected on earth.

If you want an easy transportation; from Ölüdeniz you can reach the Valley with shuttle service boat. Round trip tickets are between 20-50 TL per person. Buy your tickets on the boat. Those who want a somewhat troublesome but pleasant journey should come down to Babadağ and drive down to the road about 20 cm wide and 500 meters long from the top of Valley. Those who want to stay in Butterfly Valley should know that there is only accommodation in tents is offered. Tent prices vary between 70-150 TL according to the season. There is cabin and non-cabin shower facilities. If you do not want to pay the camp fee, you can walk around the beach until 17:00.


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