At the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean, a paradise holiday place which is famous for its bays... All about Marmaris is on this site...


At the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, you will not get enough of the bays and the blue sea and night life in this Turkey's one of the most beautiful holiday paradise. It is part of the Muğla city and every year this place ensures unforgettable memories for millions of local and foreign tourists on average.


Dalaman Airport is 94.5km away and it takes about 1 hour. Mutaş and Havaş services are available prior to flight schedule. You can rent a car from the airport, or you can use our company that offers many transfer services before you arrive. You can come directly from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and many other provinces by direct bus.


History goes back to B.C. 12.000. The materials found in the excavation work performed in Nimara Cave in Bedir Island in 2007 confirm this. The name of the region Karia is which means the country of Kar has given later on. The fertility of the coasts of Aegean and Mediterranean made this region always attractive. The city is the most important bridge to the Rhodes and Aegean islands. Thus, Marmaris has become a place where have been dominated many civilizations within time.


Phone numbers you may need.

  • 02524123037 - Marmaris Bus Station
  • 02527925291 - Dalaman Airport
  • 02527925183 - Havaş Dalaman (Transfer)
  • 02524121029 - Marmaris State Hospital
  • 02524121494 - Marmaris Police Station
  • 02524190325 - Forest Fire First Response Team

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