Walking in the middle of the sea? Of course yes and it is possible only 27 km away from the city center of Marmaris. You can come with your car or with a minibus. This is a place where you can walk in the middle of the sea with a length of 600 meters and a width of 3 meters. Every year, local and foreign tourists visit this place. It is better for you to prefer early morning hours or late evening hours becasue many visitors come on sightseeing tours during the day time.


According to the legend, the daughter of the King of Bybassos, a beautiful princess and a fisherman fall in love with each other. The princess goes on the beach and gives a sign to the fisherman witha a candle and the fisherman comes to the beach from the opposite shore. The king learns after making her daughter followedby night and learns that the fisher comes from the sea, her daughter waits for him on the beach, and she informs the fisherman with a candle at her hand. The king orders his soldiers to catch his daughter on the beach, pick up the candle on her hand and point it to the fisherman in order to catch him. And it is done like that. When the fisherman sees the light from the shore, he starts rowing. A miracle occurs when the girl begins to rush out of the hands of the soldiers and run towards the man in the middle of the sea, and at that moment, the sea turns into a sand at every step of her. The weight of the soldiers running from behind made them sink in the water.Soldier try to shoot the man with his arrow and the aim is to shoot the boy but the arrow is stuck to the girl. According to the legend, the color of the sand turns red with the blood of the girl. The young man takes the princess who is killed by the arrow and noone ever sees them again.

Source: Milliyet.com.tr


On the beach there are open facility center in summer. In the winter months there is a market nearby. The famous Marti Marina and Cennet Marina are here. You will pass through Hisarönü when you are coming to Kızkumu. Turgut Waterfall is our recommendation for the next destination. The village bazaar in Orhaniye is set on Saturdays.

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