Iztuzu Beach is 5,400 meters long. It is the place where the lake and the sea are mixed together. At B.C. 226 or 227, the great Rhodos earthquake changed the bed of the Dalaman stream and thus it is formed. Because of the miraculous event, the beach is fine sandy and clean, so Caretta Carettas come here and leaves their eggs. A safe area for turtles was established on this world famous beach.

It is forbidden to put towels on certain parts of the beach. There is also the Caretta Caretta treatment center on the beach. According to The Independent,it is one of the top 10 beaches in the world, according to The Times it was chosen as the world's best open place. Water is shallow and playing games in the water is very enjoyable.


The Caunos Rock Tombs in Dalyan are one of the most important symbols of this region. The boats you take from the center of Dalyan, go right in front of the Caunos King Cemeteries. You cannot not go up, but the captain gives you the opportunity to turn off the engine and take pictures. According to ancient belief, the higher the tomb is, the closer it is to God. So they were built like this in here.

Rock tombs were built in the B.C. 4th century and later on, they were also used in the Roman period. Another important place is the ancient city of Caunos. On the top of a steep mountain, you can see the theater, the church, the bath, the temple, the pool, the city walls, the old harbor, Dalyan, İztuzu easily. The tour boat leaves you here and takes you back from the exit point after one hour free time is over.


It is located between Dalaman and Köyceğiz. It is 20 km distance to Dalaman, 25 km to Köyceğiz and 86 km to Marmaris. Because it is in the middle of the Fethiye and Marmaris its name has been created as Ortaca (Middle). Having an important position, Ortaca dispatched from Koycegiz in 1987 and formed as a district. You can reach Sarıgerme Beach, Aşı Koyu Beach and Iztuzu Beach in 15 minutes to Ortaca city center. In 30 minutes you can reach the center where rafting is available on Dalaman Stream.

The environment is preserved and protected. You will see more of the pomegranate, lemon and orange trees around you. From the surrounding towns and villages, tourists here are coming to Ortaca Bazaar for shopping on Fridays. You can visit the bazaar and buy natural and healthy vegetables, fruits.

Things you need to know

The beach is closed for the purpose of not to disturb the turtles after eight in the evening. Pets are not prohibited at the beach. It is forbidden to use speedboat 1 mile from the shore.

Different Directions

It is 80 km away from Marmaris. You can come to the center of Dalyan and take a boat and in 45 minutes you will arrive at Iztuzu beach. You can enjoy the sun and enjoy the boat as you pass through the bushes. It is also possible to go with minibuses which depart from PTT Dalyan branch. If you prefer to travel with your own car, affter leaving the center of Dalyan, you have to travel 12 kilometers by passing through the winding roads. However, the road is pleasant. You will see the forest and lake view.
Note: It is possible to reach the ancient city of Kaunos without using the boat tour. There is a 40km bendy and old road to the Çandır village from the center of Koycegiz after walking around the lake.


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